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You mean all this time we could have been friends?

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? dir. Robert Aldrich (1962)

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There’s a piano in the street.


Mesut Özil / Germany NT #8 / Arsenal #11

he’s so weird-looking and i’m no longer reblogging these for my bff, what is my life

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  • me:
    no one ever texts me
  • *gets a text*
  • me:
    wtf do you want


Trailer for Xavier Dolan’s Mommy (2014)


more future film projects by lars von trier (probably)

  • i’d fuck tarkovsky’s corpse (2015)
  • it’s not racist, it’s subversive (2016)
  • i’m not sexist because i’ve employed women (to talk about their cunts!) (2017)
  • antisemitism: a wild ride (featuring at least 5 tortured, nude white women) (2018)
  • don’t blame me, i’m depressed! (2019)
  • sexually threatening black men (2020)

literally this is his entire filmography


for my best friend

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This country’s hard on people, you can’t stop what’s coming, it ain’t all waiting on you.

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My name is May. I enjoy laughing, monochromatic color schemes, and people who are not enormous cunts.